All businesses are required to file and pay electronically

All businesses must file and pay their taxes electronically. (Revised Code of Washington 82.32.080).

Businesses unable to file and pay electronically may request a waiver.

How do I file my taxes electronically?

File your return electronically using My DOR, the Department’s online filing tool. To use My DOR, you must create a SecureAccess Washington (SAW) User ID. You will need your Account ID (Tax Registration/UBI Number) and Letter ID. Learn how to set up your account.

Once you create your account, you will have an account summary with a File Return link. Learn how to file and pay online.

Get electronic reminders

You can sign up for electronic due date reminders and sales tax rate changes.

 On the Department of Revenue home page, select the Subscribe to email link in the lower left of the page. Follow the prompts.

How do I pay my taxes electronically?

You will find your payment options in My DOR, on the Select Payment Type page of the return.

Below is a description of each option:

  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) 
    • ACH Debit: You authorize the Department’s bank to withdraw the amount you owe from your bank account on the date you select.
    • ACH Credit: You authorize your bank to send funds to the Department’s account. You must initiate this payment each time you submit payment.
  • E-check
    You enter your bank account number and routing information to make a one-time payment. The transaction is free and only gives the Department permission to withdraw the amount that you authorize.
  • Credit card
    You enter your credit card information to make a one-time payment. You can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. A fee is charged by a non-state vendor for this service.

Benefits of using My DOR

Nearly a quarter million Washington businesses have already discovered the benefits of using My DOR. Whether you’re a small business or a CPA who handles multiple accounts, My DOR offers several advantages over traditional paper filing.

Benefits of My DOR include:

  • 24/7 access to your tax return and payment system.
  • Instantaneous delivery of your return with confirmation.
  • Automatic error checking.
  • Ability to customize your return to include only the classifications you need.
  • Four payment options: ACH Debit, ACH Credit, E-check, and credit card.
  • Ability to import data from software programs.
  • Faster processing and fewer errors.

If you can’t file and pay electronically

You may request a waiver. Reasons a waiver may be granted include:

  • You do not have a computer.
  • You do not have access to the internet using your own computer.
  • You do not have a bank account or a credit card.
  • Your bank is unable to send or receive electronic funds transfer transactions.

To request a waiver, send a written request with explanation to:

Electronic Filing and Payment Team
Department of Revenue
PO Box 47476
Olympia, WA 98504-7476