Tax topics

These articles provide information about taxes in Washington state. See our Special Notices for updates to existing tax law, and Industry Guides to better understand tax requirements for specific industries.

Topics Issue Date Subjects
Day camps for youth Day camps
2024 Tax Legislation Legislation
Parking fees Parking
Dog waste pick up services Dog waste
Medical tattoo services Tattoo
Bus lifts installed at public transportation maintenance facilities Bus lift
Hedge fund management fees Hedge fund management fees
Estate sales Estate sales
Gratuities (tips) Gratuities
Online instructional classes Online instructional classes
Cost reimbursements Reimbursements
Drop shipments Drop shipments
Advertising agencies - Requirements for excluding advances and reimbursements from gross income Advertising Agencies
Restocking fees for returned merchandise Restocking
Cell phone data charges Cell phone
1099-MISC Income 1099
Financial Accounting Standards Board Topic 606 Accounting
Grant income Grants
Digital entertainment Digital products
Glucose monitoring sensors Glucose
Non-transportation aircraft - Sourcing periodic lease payments Leased aircraft
Buying and selling vehicles without an auto dealers license Vehicles
Crowdfunding Crowdfunding
Termination fees Termination fees
Aviation fuel sales Aviation fuel
Tangible personal property distinguished from real property Tangible personal property
Cigarettes - Are untaxed cigarettes tax-free? Cigarettes
Marina fuel sales Marina fuel
Self-publishing Self publishing
US government entities exempt from tax Federal government