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Tax topics

These articles provide information about taxes in Washington state. See our Special Notices for updates to existing tax law, and Industry Guides to better understand tax requirements for specific industries.

Topics Issue Date Subjects
Buying and selling vehicles without an auto dealers license Vehicles
Crowdfunding Crowdfunding
Termination fees Termination fees
Aviation fuel sales Aviation fuel
Marina fuel sales Marina fuel
Tangible personal property distinguished from real property Tangible personal property
Cigarettes - Are untaxed cigarettes tax-free? Cigarettes
Self-publishing Self publishing
US government entities exempt from tax Federal government
Fake websites targeting SecureAccess Washington (SAW) users Fraud
Patent income may be taxable Patents
Individual fishing quotas (IFQs) Fishing quotas
Questions and answers for roll-your-own Cigarettes
Roll-your-own Cigarettes
Insurance payments for medical equipment Medical equipment
Timeshare agreements Timeshares
Rental vs. license to use real estate Rental
Use tax and how to determine if you owe it Use tax
E-withhold process and procedures E-withhold
Leases of tangible personal property that include property tax charges Personal property tax
Third-party service contracts and/or warranty contracts sold with motor vehicle sales or leases Warranties
Canadian residents using Washington shipping address Package receiving
Interim guidance statements Interim guidance statements
비상 재정 지원 보조금 Federal assistance
Hỗ trợ thiên tai cho người đóng thuế Disaster relief
为纳税人提供的灾害救济 Disaster relief
납세자를 위한 재난 지원 Disaster relief
Trợ cấp hỗ trợ tài chính khẩn cấp Federal assistance
紧急财务援助补助金 Federal assistance
Гранты чрезвычайной финансовой помощи