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What is GovDelivery?

GovDelivery is a subscription-based service that allows you to subscribe to news and information bulletins on various DOR-related topics. GovDelivery also allows you to receive messages via email or text. You can sign up for one or many topics including:

  • Sales tax rate changes
  • Excise tax return filing reminders
  • News releases
  • Rule making actions
  • General DOR-related information
  • Unclaimed property safe deposit box auction notifications

How do I subscribe to GovDelivery?

It's easy to subscribe! Go to DOR's GovDelivery sign up page to set up your subscription.

I'm already subscribed to DOR's GovDelivery service. Can I unsubscribe or update my preferences?

Of course! You can change your subscription preferences on DOR's GovDelivery subscriber page.

Enter the email address or text number so we know which subscriber account to change, then click the Submit button.

  • To remove all topics and delete your subscription account, click the “Delete my account” link in the lower left corner of the form.
  • To remove individual topics: Check to “Delete” each topic that you no longer want, then click Submit.
  • To add new topics: Click the “Add subscriptions” link in the lower left corner of the form.