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Check if you have a user account before creating a new one!

If you filed online with us before, click Check if you have one. You will receive an email that has any associated user IDs to your email address. You’ll want to use the user ID that you have used in the past because your tax or license account information will be linked. If you create a new user ID, you’ll have to get the Administrator on the account to link your tax or license information to your new user ID or call us.

I just created a user ID and password and logged in. Now where is my tax return?

If you just created a user ID and password, you’ll need to get access to your tax or license information. You will need to request a letter with a Letter ID, ask the administrator to grant you access, or call us.

Learn how to get access to your account information

Why am I locked out of the system?

If you enter more than 5 failed password attempts, you will be locked out for 15 minutes from the last failed attempt. After 15 minutes, you can retry to log in.

Why did my password expire?

If you use the same password for 24 months, you will be prompted to reset your password. You will have to reset the password to access your tax or license account. If you use your SAW user ID and password for DOR and other state agencies, you may be asked to reset your password every 13 months.

The password saved in my browser will not work

If you use your browser’s password manager, you may need to overwrite the saved password and either enter a temporary password or resave an updated password. If you have multiple SAW user IDs that you use on other agency sites, check the saved password to make sure it is the right one!

The temporary password does not work

Temporary passwords may not work for a few reasons:

  • Check that you entered the password accurately
  • Check that your saved passwords are not auto-filling
  • Double check you are resetting the password for the correct user ID

It says my user ID account doesn’t exist and I know I had one!

First, use the Check if you have one feature with any email addresses that you may have used with your accounts in the past. If you receive an email that states there are no user IDs associated for each email address you try, your account may have expired due to inactivity.

If you have not used your SAW user ID and password on any Secure Access Washington agency site for a few years, your user account may no longer be active. You’ll need to create a new SAW account and regain access to your account information.

What if I don’t receive an email with a Multi-Factor Authentication code?

If you do not receive an email with the authentication code:

  • Check your junk/spam folder. If the email is not there, try these troubleshooting steps:
    • Check any other folders that may have received the email.
    • Refresh/update your email application and inbox.
    • Add help@secureaccess.wa.gov as an email contact inside of your email application.
  • Click Resend Code. You can click Resend Code every two minutes, but do not try this more than three times. If you do not receive the resent code:
    • Verify your email address is associated with your account by following these steps. If no user ID is found, a different email address is associated with your account.
    • You may need to contact your email service provider to allow emails from help@secureaccess.wa.gov. If you have setup an additional email or mobile number, you can click Choose another method to select a different option for receiving a code.

What if I don’t receive a text message with a Multi-Factor Authentication code?

If you do not receive a text message with the authentication code:

  • Click Resend Code to receive another code.
  • If you do not receive the resent text message, you may need to check with your mobile service provider to see if they allow short code messaging. You can also click Choose another method to select a different option to receive a code.

What if I don’t have access to my email or mobile phone number to receive a code?

If you are unable to receive a Multi-Factor Authentication code using the existing contact information in your SecureAccess Washington (SAW) account, you will not be able to access My DOR or update your SAW profile. Please call 360-705-6705 for assistance.

Why should I add a mobile phone number or an additional email address for authentication?

Adding additional email addresses or mobile phone numbers gives you more options when choosing the method of receiving an authentication code when you receive an MFA challenge.

Why wasn’t my device remembered?

A device has many attributes that are recognized by the system when it is remembered. If any attribute changes, the device can be considered to be a different device.

Some common changes that may cause your device to not be remembered include:

  • Logging in from a different computer, tablet, or mobile phone
  • Logging in from a different web browser
  • Logging in from a different location or network
  • Logging in on a different monitor or with a different screen resolution
  • Logging in with a different language setting
  • Logging in after clearing your internet browser cookies

You can save up to ten devices. As additional devices are added beyond the ten, the oldest are removed.

As you save additional devices, you will receive less MFA challenges over time.