Pay your bill by phone

If you receive a bill from the Department of Revenue for excise tax, you can now make your payment over the phone using your VISA, MasterCard, Discover/Novus, or American Express credit card.

The pay-by-phone option is only available to taxpayers who receive a bill from the Department for outstanding excise tax. Excise tax includes business and occupation (B&O), retail sales, and public utility taxes.

To pay your bill over the phone, call 1-800-2PAY-TAX (1-800-272-9829).

Have the following information ready when you call:

  1. Jurisdiction code (5600) or Washington State zip code
  2. Amount to pay on the bill
  3. Account ID (this 9-digit number is printed on the invoice)
  4. Letter ID (printed on the invoice)
  5. Daytime phone number (include area code)
  6. Credit card number, expiration date, and the 5-digit billing zip code

There is a convenience fee on the payment amount. The fee is automatically calculated and charged for the use of the pay-by-phone service. The convenience fee is not collected by the Department of Revenue and will be a separate charge on your credit card statement. 

Here is some additional information that is helpful to know before you phone in your payment:

  1. You are paying “state taxes” and you will need to press “2” at the first prompt.
  2. If you pause for more than 30 seconds, the system will time out and disconnect.
  3. The 5-digit zip code you enter when inputting your credit card information must be the zip code for the address where your credit card statements are mailed to.
  4. You must wait until you receive a confirmation number for the payment to initiate. Write your confirmation number down and keep it with your records.

You can also pay your bill online using BillPay. Simply log on to My DOR.