Property tax statistics

Annual ratio study results

These tables show the results of the Department of Revenue's annual ratio study by county for both real and personal property. The ratio study is a statistical study that is performed annually by the Department. The assessment or indicated ratio is the total assessed value of property in the county divided by the total true and fair value.

Tax statistics

A historical record of tax collections and related statistics in Washington including: state excise tax statistics, property tax levies and collections, and property valuations and assessment ratios. Published annually.

State-assessed utility valuations

These tables present calendar year values determined by the Department of Revenue for utility companies that operate on an intercounty basis in Washington State. Prior to 2000, this data was included in our Tax Statistics publication in Section IV. Published annually.

Property tax statistical reports

Provides levy and collection data obtained from county assessors and treasurers for all taxing districts imposing an ad valorem property tax. Published annually.

Local taxing district levy detail

These tables present property tax levy information for all taxing districts levying a tax in a given year. Each district has its own nine-digit code. An explanation of the codes is included, as is an explanation of the data in each column of the table. Information will be posted annually.

Comparison of county assessor statistics report

Provides various statistics related to county assessment office operations including: county characteristics, assessor staffing levels, workload comparisons, assessor budgets and budget comparisons, ratios and appeals, and historical comparisons. Published annually.

Measuring real property appraisal performance

These reports are an evaluation of the performance of the property tax appraisal system in Washington. They are fairly technical in nature. They use statistics related to assessed values and market values. The report uses charts of these statistics to illustrate how well the appraisal system is working in Washington.