Watch out for fake websites pretending to be SecureAccess Washington (SAW)! If you used a search engine to get to SAW, you might have clicked on ads that look real but actually lead to scams. Learn more.

My DOR video tutorials

Learn the basics of our secure portal, My DOR. These videos will help you understand how to use and navigate My DOR, including how to create a SAW account and how to reset your My DOR password.

Create a SecureAccess Washington (SAW) account (04:50) Watch the Create a SAW account video

Multi-Factor Authentication (02:54) Multifactor Authentication video

Forgot your SAW User ID? (02:05) Forgot your SAW User ID?

Reset your password (06:27) Reset your password

Add access (07:01) Add access

How to file a Business License Application for a Sole Proprietorship (17:01) File a application for a sole proprietor

File a basic return (08:45) File a basic return