Tax Research Index

Name Description
WAC 100


WAC 100-01

Adjudicative proceedings

WAC 100-02

Adjudicative proceedings

WAC 100-03

Brief adjudicative proceedings for matters related to suspension, non-renewal, and non-issuance of licenses to sell spirits

WAC 100-04

Brief adjudicative proceedings for matters related to assessments and warrants for unpaid fees issued

WAC 101

Tax registration and tax reporting

WAC 101-01

Business licensing service - Total fee payable - Handling of fees

WAC 102

Resellers permits

WAC 102-01

Resale certificates

WAC 102-02

Resale certificates

WAC 102-A

Resale certificates

WAC 103

Time and place of sale

WAC 104

Small business tax relief based on income of business

WAC 105

Employees distinguished from persons engaging in business

WAC 106

Casual or isolated sales - Business reorganizations

WAC 107

Requirement to separately state sales tax - Advertised prices including sales tax

WAC 108

Selling-price-Credit card service fees, foreign currency, discounts, patronage dividends

WAC 109

Finance charges, carrying charges, interest, penalties

WAC 110

Delivery charges

WAC 111

Advances and reimbursements

WAC 112

Value of products

WAC 113

Ingredients or components, chemicals used in processing new articles for sale

WAC 114

Bona fide initiation fees, dues contributions, donations, tuition fees and endowment funds. Repealed November 1, 1995

WAC 115

Sales of packing materials and containers

WAC 116

Sales and/or use of labels, name plates, tags, premiums, and advertising material

WAC 117

Sales and/or use of dunnage

WAC 118

Sale or rental of real estate, license to use real estate

WAC 119

Sales of meals

WAC 120

Sales of ice

WAC 121

Sales of heat or steam-Including production by cogeneration


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