Revocation of your business license

Revocation of a business certificate of registration

The Department must conduct an appeal of a revoked business certificate of registration under WAC 458-20-10001 and under the Administrative Procedure Act (APA), which is found in Chapter 34.05 RCW. The APA requires that we maintain a record of the appeal, and also prohibits the reviewing officer from having any contact with either party outside the presence of the other party “ex parte”. The ALJ will issue a written order based upon this record. This order is the final agency decision “.

How to request an appeal of a revoked business certificate of registration

If the Department has issued an initial order revoking your business certificate of registration, you may appeal that order to the Administrative Review and Hearings Division. The initial order will include written instructions on how to request an appeal. Keep in mind that you must request an appeal within 21 days from the date of the initial order; otherwise the initial order will become final.

You may submit a request for appeal to the Administrative Review and Hearings Division by either (1) sending a written request (by U.S. Mail, email, or fax) or (2) by telephoning us. Our contact information is as follows:

Department of Revenue
Administrative Review and Hearings Division
P.O. Box 47460
Olympia, WA 98504-7460

Telephone: 360-534-1335
Fax: 360-534-1340

You may use our form Brief Adjudicative Proceeding Appeal Review of Initial Order to submit your written request for appeal. Keep in mind that whether you use our form, or not, you should describe specifically the reasons for appealing the initial order. If you wish to have us consider any documents as part of our review, you must submit those documents on the same day you request an appeal. Your request for appeal must include your current contact information, and if your contact information changes while the appeal is pending, you must contact us and update that information.

Review of your appeal

Once we receive your request for appeal, a reviewing officer will be assigned to review your request. Generally, the reviewing officer decides the appeal by a review of the record, as provided by you and the Department. The reviewing officer may have additional questions or requests for documentation, in which case, you and the Department will be notified and provided additional time to respond to any such requests. Usually, the reviewing officer will issue a decision within 20 days of our receipt of your request for appeal. That decision is the final action of the Department, unless otherwise specified.

Additional appeal rights

If you wish to appeal the final action of the Department, you may appeal to Thurston County Superior Court. The process for doing this is in Chapter 34.05 RCW.