Invite a speaker to your group

May I request a speaker for my meeting or event?

Yes. Providing public speakers is an integral part of the Department of Revenue’s information and education program. The department has speakers that are knowledgeable on a variety of tax issues.

This free public service is available to civic, educational, professional, social, and business organizations in Washington.

Note: We are generally only able to provide a speaker when the organization is not intending to make a profit on our public service.

Speakers from the department are eager to meet with your organization to discuss tax laws that affect your membership.

How do I reserve a speaker?

Complete the online Speech request form at least six weeks in advance of your event. Please provide as much detail as you can on your topic of interest. We will contact you regarding specific arrangements.

Please note: While we attempt to accommodate every request, there may be occasions when we are unable to provide a speaker.


Listed below are some of the topics that speakers are prepared to speak about. If your group is interested in a topic not included on the list, we will make every effort to provide you with a speaker on that subject.

  • The legislative role

    • How a tax bill becomes law.
    • Revenue for vital public services.
    • Lobbying for change in the tax laws.
  • Resolving tax liability disputes

    • The audit/assessment process.
    • The review and appeal process.
  • Taxpayer Rights and Responsibilities

    • Taxpayer Rights Advocate process.
  • Tax policy

    • New legislation.
    • Our tax system: How did we get here?
    • Where your tax dollars come from and where they go.
    • The department's rule making process.
  • Property taxes

    • What is taxed and what is not taxed.
    • The valuation process.
    • Levy setting and limits.
    • Local tax options.
    • Senior citizen property tax exemptions and deferrals.
    • Incentives for preserving "open spaces".
  • General topics

    • Business and occupation (B&O) tax.
    • Public utility taxes.
    • Tax deferrals and credits for businesses.
    • Local coding for retail sales tax.
    • Paying retail sales tax and/or use tax on purchases.
    • How to search for and claim your unclaimed property.
    • The unclaimed property reporting process.
    • Services the department can provide.