Public records index - policy, procedures and administrative information

Administrative policy & procedures manual

Internal policies and procedures

Affirmative action plan

Agency plan for developing and meeting affirmative action goals

Agency strategic business plan

Sets forth future direction of the agency

Budget document

Detail request of the agency's budget

Business resumption plan

Plan required by the Department of Information Services, Disaster Recovery Plan for IT Systems

Class brochures (such as, Tax Exam 1, CCG and RA 1, PT Aud/Appl)

Job descriptions and overview of the agency benefits; used in recruiting and job fairs

Collective bargaining agreement

Department agreement with employee union

College graduates, employment oppportunities for

Commute trip reduction (CTR) plan

Agency plan for meeting established CTR goals

Electronic funds transfer (EFT) due dates for excise Tax return payments

Due dates for tax return payments made by electronic fund transfer

Emergency plan

Designation of unit security officers and emergency procedures

Employee safety plan

Department safety plan

Highlights of the strategic business plan

Human resource plan

Employee development and career counseling plan

Information Services (IS) strategic business plan

Plan for IS resources and service level

Personal service contracts & related documents

Public and confidential information guidelines

Research statistics and reports

Statistical reports, studies, and queries developed by the Department's Research and Analysis division