What employees say about Revenue

Headshot of Gina, a female-presenting person with medium skin tone, long, dark, curly hair, wearing a white blouse.

Gina, Public Benefits Specialist, Working Families Tax Credit (WFTC):
“I chose WFTC and DOR because they have allowed me to be my true authentic self. They put value in my opinion, and DOR’s core values align with my own.”


Headshot of Frank, a male-presenting person with dark skin tone, short dark hair, wearing a light grey sweater.

Frank, Tax Policy Specialist, Research & Fiscal Analysis:
“Working at Revenue has allowed me the flexibility to continue to serve in the military as an Army Reservist. The individuals I’ve met and worked with among the various divisions are professional and have a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience.”


Headshot of Jewel, a female-presenting person, with light skin and very long, straight, brown hair, wearing a dark red shirt.

Jewel, Administrative Policy & Projects Coordinator, Human Resources:

“Working at Revenue means being part of a team of people who care about their work, and the community they serve. DOR invests in its people and has created a culture of respect where diverse ideas are embraced and individuals are valued. After finding my way here, I can honestly say, life is better at Revenue.”

Headshot of Bryanna, a female-presenting person with medium skin tone, dark curly hair, wearing glasses and a white suit and black t-shirt

Bryanna, Workforce Development Consultant, Human Resources:
“At Revenue, there is a sense of community where my colleagues outwardly show support and actively connect with me and one another. From my experience, it is evident that our value of 'respect' is on constant display, no matter the interaction.”


Headshot of Josie, a female-presenting person with light skin tone, shoulder-length brown hair, wearing a dark red shirt.

Josie, Excise Tax Examiner, Audit:
“Revenue is a place where I feel comfortable being myself, because of the respect and kindness we show each other here. With stellar medical benefits I’m empowered to pursue my transition goals, and there’s a pension to boot!”


Headshot of Cindy, a female-presenting person, with light skin and shoulder-length light brown hair, wearing a denim jacket and pink t-shirt.

Cindy, Web Supervisor, Customer Experience & Communications:

“Revenue is supportive both professionally and personally - they really care about their people. I started as an office assistant 25 years ago, and Revenue gave me training to advance my career. Now I take pride in making sure our customers can find and understand the information they need on our website. My experience here has been nothing but positive.”

Headshot of Wendy, a person with light skin tone, short brown hair, wearing glasses and a brown shirt.

Wendy, Cartographer, Property Tax:
“DOR has an evolved sense of community in its work culture. Management prioritizes employee well-being, and it shows in training and improvement opportunities as well as work/life balance. I am happy here and feel respected.”


Headshot of Rob, a male-presenting person, with light skin tone, short grey hair, wearing a light blue button-down shirt.

Rob, Program Manager, Taxpayer Account Administration:
“Public service is my why for staying with Revenue for 35 years. If taxes were not collected, there would not be any public service, so it starts with us. Doing that with an agency valuing integrity, accountability and respect makes me proud to be part of Washington’s DOR team.”


Headshot of Tanner, a male-presenting person with light skin, close-cropped brown hair and stubbly beard, wearing a dark green polo shirt.

Tanner, IT Customer Support, Information Services:

"I was searching for employment and noticed that the DOR was a veteran-friendly employer, and thought I would make a great fit for the agency. My IS team welcomed me in as a member of the team, and we share the same camaraderie I once experienced in my military service."