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E911 Tax Rates
Electronic Filing (E-File)
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Authorization (Excise Taxes)
Employee Authorization Form
Energy Efficient Commercial Equipment Credit Addendum (Fill-In)
Enhanced Food Fish Excise Tax Addendum
Escheat Property, Notice of

Estate and Transfer Tax Return for deaths on or after January 1, 2014, Washington

(Estate Tax) Application for Extension of Time to File a Washington State Estate and Transfer Tax Return (Fill-In)
(Estate Tax) Affidavit Substantiating Decedent's State of Domicile at Death
Excel Workbook
Estate Tax Confidential Tax Information Authorization
Excise Tax Returns
Exemption Certificate for Logs Delivered to an Export Facility
Exemption for Physical Improvement to a Single Family Dwelling, Application for (Fill-In)
Exemption Forms
Exemption of Farm Machinery and Equipment, Application for (Property Tax Exemption) (Fill-In)
Exemption of Improvement Benefiting Fish and Wildlife Habitat, Water Quality, or Water Quantity, Application for (Fill-In)
Exemption of Real and Personal Property Used in the Manufacturing of Alcohol Fuel, Biodiesel Fuel, Biodiesel Feedstock, Wood Biomass Fuel, or Fuels from the Operation of an Anaerobic Digester (Fill-In)