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On November 2, 2010, Washington State voters approved Initiative 1107, which takes effect December 2, 2010.

1107 repeals these 2010 tax changes:

  • sales tax on candy and gum
  • sales tax on bottled water
  • the 2¢ per 12 ounce carbonated beverage tax (sales tax still applies to soft drinks)
  • increased B&O tax rate for meat processors
  • B&O tax credit for candy manufacturers

Through December 1, 2010:

  • Retailers must continue collecting sales tax on candy, gum and bottled water
  • The carbonated beverage tax remains in effect
  • The B&O tax rate for meat processors remains 0.00484
  • The B&O tax credit for candy manufacturers remains in effect

Initiative 1107 does not change tax rates on tobacco, beer, wine, or liquor.


Special Notices (pdf)

B&O Credit for Candy Manufacturers Repealed

Sales Tax Repealed on Bottled Water, Candy and Gum

Carbonated Beverage Tax Repealed

More Information

Informational signs (pdf) may be printed and posted in your store.

Impacts of Initiative 1107: