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  • Look up a sales or use tax rate with GPS or address
  • Calculate your total amount due
  • Save your locations and rates to a list
  • Send your location and rate by text or email
  • View a location on a map
  • Automatically calculate total amount due based on the rate at your location

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2012 - 2014
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Use this app to find the sales and use tax rate* and code for any location in Washington. You can look up rates by your current location (using GPS), or entering an address. It's an ideal tool if you make deliveries to your customers in multiple locations.

*Sales tax rates for lodging and motor vehicle sales and rentals are different than the general rate and are not included in this app.

How to look up a tax rate

Using your current location

  • From the Locate view, tap the Current Location button; the system will find your present location and display the tax rate information*.

Using an address

  • Tap Address, key the address into the appropriate fields.
  • Tap Search or Done. The system will locate the entered address and display the tax rate information*.

*Sometimes an exact match can't be found. You may use the rate the app provides if it's within 100 meters of the location.

Once you have the tax rate, you can

  • Calculate the total amount due by tapping the Calculator tab, key in the sale amount, and tap the Save icon. You can save or share this information along with the other information in your entry.
  • Save it to your list by entering a title (if you want one) and tapping the Save icon.
  • View your list by tapping the List tab.
  • Edit a title or delete an entry from your list, by tapping and holding the entry till a menu pops up, giving you the option to Delete or Edit Title.
  • Send it via text or email by tapping the Share icon.



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