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Need to know what the state of Washington requires for public timber harvesting? Read below for regulations, forms, and other helpful information.

Also, take a look at our Questions & Answers for more information about log export regulations in this state.

Branding and Painting Requirements

  • Prior to removing the sawlogs from the sale area, both ends of the sawlogs must be marked with a spot of red paint that is at least 2 inches in diameter
  • All log ends with a diameter of ten inches or more must be hammer branded with a legible log brand which is assigned and registered.
  • If logs are subdivided into smaller pieces for any purpose other than immediate processing, each piece must be marked in the same manner as the original logs.
  • Log brandings and markings must be maintained until the logs are processed.
  • Pulp logs do not need to have full markings. Instead, the requirements are:
      - At least ten logs on one end of the load must be painted, and
      - At least 3 legible log brands must be applied to each load.

Ineligible Purchasers

February 4, 2010

List of persons who are ineligible to bid on or acquire public timber from Non-Federal Public Lands in Washington State (There is an exception for Hardwoods, Red Cedar, and pulp logs)

Ineligible purchasers because of the ban on substitution:
Company Name

Weyerhaeuser Company and all affiliates

Ineligible purchasers because of violations of WAC 240-15:

None at this time

Domestic Market Adjustment Eligibility

A Domestic Market adjustment (DMA) applies to timber which is legally restricted from export under the following criteria:

  • Public Timber harvested not sold by a competitive bidding process
    • Federal Timber Sales – all species except Alaska Yellow Cedar
    • State and other non federal public timber sales – Western Red Cedar Only
  • Private timber harvested that is legally restricted from foreign export under the authority of the Federal Forest Resources Conservation and Shortage Relief Act; the Federal Export Administration Act, Federal Cooperative Sustained Yield Unit Agreement or Washington Administrative Code 240-15

Before utilizing the Domestic Market Adjustment – contact the Department at 1-800-548-8829 for reporting instructions.

The Domestic Market Adjustment (DMA) value is determined semi-annually by the Department and the following values were approved under WAC 458-40-660 (3) (e) for Western Washington Stumpage Value Areas (SVA) A 1-5 only.

Reporting Period Approved DMA
2nd half of 2017 $0/MBF
1st half of 2017 $0/MBF
2nd half of 2016 $0/MBF
1st half of 2016 $0/MBF
2nd half of 2015 $0/MBF
1st half of 2015 $2/MBF
2nd half of 2014 $4/MBF
1st half of 2014 $8/MBF
2nd half of 2013 $9/MBF
1st half of 2013 $11/MBF
2nd half of 2012 $12/MBF
1st half of 2012 $12/MBF
2nd half of 2011 $5/MBF
1st half of 2011 $0/MBF
2nd half of 2010 $0/MBF
1st half of 2010 $0/MBF
2nd haf of 2009 $0/MBF
1st half of 2009 $0/MBF