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Section I - State Business and Occupation (B&O) Tax, Lines 1-5

Section II - State and Local Use Tax, Lines 6-12

Section III - Credits, Lines 13-19

Section IV – Totals, Lines 20-27

Deduction Detail

If this return does not include your B&O tax classification, use the Combined Excise Tax Return or call our Telephone Information Center at 1-800-647-7706.

  • Use black ink and return the original form.

Did you know you can register and file your return electronically, even if you have "No Business Activity" to report?


Getting Started

When is my tax return due?

Please click on your assigned filing frequency for due date information:

If the due date falls on a weekend or legal holiday the due date is the following business day.

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Tax Registration Number

Please write your tax registration number here.  The Tax Registration number, also called Uniform Business Identifier (UBI), is a nine digit number that appears on your business registration. You might see an extra digit after the first nine. (Ex: 600 123 456 8)  Only enter the first nine digits.  Please include your tax registration number on all correspondence, including checks.

Name and Business Name

Please write your name and business name as it appears on your business registration.


Please write your mailing address.

Note:  This is the address all correspondence will be mailed to. This includes tax returns, refunds, and other notices. If this is a new address, please also check the box below the address block.


No business activity?

If you had no business activity, check the box.  Sign and date the return in the space provided at the lower left-hand side of page one.

You may also report no business activity online or by phone. 

Find out more about reporting no business activity

Has your address changed?

  • If you added or changed a business location, check the business location box and write in your new location in the blank area. 

  • If you had a change of mailing address only, check the mailing address box and make the necessary changes to the preprinted address label. 

  • If your new address is used for both your business location and mailing address, check both boxes.

Closing your business? 

Please check the Business Closed box and write the date your business closed.

If you expect to operate in the future, you may request your account be placed on Active non-reporting status.

Learn more about closing your account

Are you filing an amended return?

If so, check the box located at the top of the return.  An amended tax return is submitted to show corrections to the originally filed excise tax return. 

Find out more about amending your tax return

Other correspondence?

Check the box and enclose the correspondence with your return.


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