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Appeals conducted under the Administrative Procedures Act are handled differently than the Rule 100 appeals in this guide. Please read below for more information.

What are revocations, log export, reseller permit and renewable energy appeals?

The Department may conduct proceedings where a record is maintained and witnesses are placed under oath.

These proceedings involve:

    • Business certificate of registration revocation (RCW 82.32.215)
    • Cigarette forfeitures under RCW 82.24.130 and 82.24.135
    • Reseller permit under RCW 82.32 780
    • Renewable Energy Certification under RCW 82.16.110

An officer is appointed to conduct the appeal. (Administrative Procedure Act, chapter 34.05 RCW)

How do I request a business certificate of registration revocation appeal?

In the revocation process, an "initial order" is issued by the Department's Compliance Division. This must be appealed within 21 days of the order. The appeal can be written or by phone, and you have the opportunity to describe the reasons for your appeal in the appeal petition.

What happens in response to a request?

For business registration revocations, generally the reviewing officer decides the appeal by a review of the record only. A decision will then be issued within 20 days. The decision is the final action of the Department unless specified otherwise.

Further appeals can be made to the Thurston County Superior Court (see chapter 34.05 RCW).

For more information on:

What happens at other appeals?

For more information, see:

An order in these actions is the final decision of the Department. Further appeals must be made to the Thurston County Superior Court (see chapter 34.05 RCW).



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