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Dec 16   Revenue Outlines Delinquent Taxpayer Amnesty Program   (pdf)
Dec 16   Revenue Approves Five Local Revitalization Financing Projects   (pdf)
Dec 2   RV Dealers Plead Guilty to Sales Tax Theft, Make $186,249 Restitution   (pdf)
Nov 30   Gov. Gregoire appoints Suzan DelBene to be director of Department of Revenue    
Nov 16   E911 Tax Rates Increase, Apply to VoIP Phone Services Jan. 1   (pdf)
Nov 10   RV Dealers Charged with Felony Sales Tax Theft   (pdf)
Nov 10   Sales Tax Exemption for Field Burning Equipment Expires Jan. 1   (pdf)
Nov 8   Auto Body Shop Owner Pleads Guilty to Forging Reseller Permit   (pdf)
Nov 4   I-1107 Rolls Back Taxes on Candy, Bottled Water, Carbonated Beverages   (pdf)
Oct 29   Contractor sentenced to 75 months over felony theft of sales tax, workers’ comp fraud   (pdf)
Oct 29   Revenue Director Cindi Holmstrom Departs for Private Sector   (pdf)
Oct 27   Economic nexus tutorial helps clarify interstate tax standard   (pdf)
Oct 21   State Encouraging All Qualifying Aerospace Companies to Use Incentives   (pdf)
Oct 15   Paying State ExciseTaxes by E-check Now Free   (pdf)
Oct 12   Revenue Automatically Renewing Reseller Permits for Most Contractors   (pdf)
Oct 7   Taxable Retail Sales Decline 1 Percent During Second Quarter 2010   (pdf)
Oct 6   Woodinville Auto Repair Firm Pleads Guilty to Filing False Tax Return   (pdf)
Oct 5   Tax Statistics 2010 Now Available on Revenue Website   (pdf)
Sept 30   Electronic Publications Saving More than $650,000 Annually    (pdf)
Sept 27   Auto Body Shop Owner Charged with Forging Reseller Permit   (pdf)
Sept 23   Woodinville Auto Repair Firm Charged with Filing False Tax Return   (pdf)
Sept 21   2009 Aerospace Tax Incentives Report Now Online   (pdf)
Sept 15   Property Tax Revenues Increase 2.1 Percent in 2010   (pdf)
Sept 9   Jefferson County, Port Townsend are Washington's Solar Energy Leaders   (pdf)
Sept 2   Revenue Issues 2010 Tax Incentives Report   (pdf)
Aug 30   Reseller Permits Lead to Increased Taxable Building Supply Sales   (pdf)
Aug 25   Taxpayer Compliance Improves to 97.9% of Taxes Due   (pdf)
Aug 19   More Than $1 Million in Washington Mutual Funds Already Returned   (pdf)
Aug 16   More Than 70 Percent of Business Returns 'E-filed', in Fiscal Year 2010   (pdf)
Aug 11   Street of Dreams Home Builder Pleads Guilty to Sales Tax Theft   (pdf)
Aug 5   More Than $400 Million in Unclaimed Property Refunded   (pdf)
Jul 29   State Supreme Court Ruling Preserves Local Gas Taxes   (pdf)
Jul 27   State and Local Taxes Drop to 30th Nationally   (pdf)
Jul 22   Property Tax Deferral Program Available for Fall Taxes   (pdf)
Jul 20   Revenue Seeking Owners of $9.8 Million Owed to Former Washington Mutual Customers   (pdf)
Jul 19   Judge Issues Preliminary Injunction Ordering Revenue to Advise Retailers to Charge British Columbia Residents Retail Sales Tax   (pdf)
Jul 15   Flooring Contractor Charged with Conducting Business after License Revocation   (pdf)
Jul 8   Taxable Retail Sales Decline 2.9 Percent During First Quarter 2010   (pdf)
Jul 1   Judge Issues Order Barring Revenue From Advising Retailers on Sales Tax Exemption for British Columbia Residents   (pdf)
Apr 29   Taxable Retail Sales Decline 11.2 Percent during Calendar Year 2009   (pdf)
Apr 20   Services B&O Tax Increase, Higher Cigarette Tax Expected to Start May 1; Other Tax Changes to Follow   (pdf)
Apr 7   Taxable Retail Sales Decline 6.3 Percent during Fourth Quarter 2009, but Retail Trade Component Unchanged   (pdf)
Apr 1   Time to Check Again: Nearly $87 Million, 410,000 Names Added to State’s Unclaimed Property Database   (pdf)
Mar 29   Department of Revenue Named Co-winner of National Compliance Award   (pdf)
Mar 26   Home Builder Charged with First Degree Felony Theft of Sales Tax   (pdf)
Mar 19   Governor Signs Bill to Simplify Reseller Permits   (pdf)
Mar 8   Suspectfraud.wa.gov Helps Consumers “Check with the State before It’s Too Late”   (pdf)
Feb 11   Supreme Court: Attorney Should be Disbarred for Attempted Tax Evasion   (pdf)
Jan 21   Revenue’s 2010 Tax Reference Manual Available Online    
Jan 14   Taxable Retail Sales Decline 11.6 Percent during Third Quarter 2009   (pdf)

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