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Dec 29   State Tax Video Now Available in Spanish   (pdf)
Dec 7   Time Running Out for Businesses to Obtain Reseller Permits   (pdf)
Oct 29   Contractor pleads guilty to felony theft of sales tax, workers' comp fraud   (pdf)
Oct 22   Washington Ranks 26th Highest in State and Local Taxes; 32nd Highest in Property Taxes   (pdf)
Oct 09   Taxable Retail Sales Decline 14 Percent during Second Quarter 2009   (pdf)
Oct 05   Major change coming to buying goods and services for resale   (pdf)
Oct 02   Three Million State Residents May Have Unclaimed Property   (pdf)
Sept 21   Property Tax Revenues Increase 5.4 Percent in 2009   (pdf)
Sept 8   Farmers will have two ways to buy agricultural materials tax-free   (pdf)
Sept 1   Revenue to Issue Reseller Permits to Qualified Businesses in September   (pdf)
August 18   Local Revitalization Financing Project Application Now Online   (pdf)
August 17   Marysville Drywaller Charged with Tax Fraud   (pdf)
August 12   Woman Charged with Impersonating Revenue Agent   (pdf)
August 7   Monthly Filers Must File and Pay Taxes Electronically   (pdf)
July 15   Taxable Retail Sales Decline 12.8 Percent During First Quarter 2009   (pdf)
July 10   Digital Product Draft Rule Available Online Today    
July 2   Local Revitalization Financing Project Application Now Available   (pdf)
July 1   Cigarette Compact Negotiated with Colville Tribe   (pdf)
June 9   Property Tax Deferral Program Available for Fall Taxes   (pdf)
June 5   Department of Revenue Director Elected President of National Tax Organization   (pdf)
June 3   Tremaine Smith receives national medal for leadership in interstate tax cooperation   (pdf)
June 2   Summary of 2009 Tax Legislation Now Available   (pdf)
June 1   Revenue Names 2008 Employee Recognition Award Winners   (pdf)
May 28   Plumbing Contractor Pleads Guilty to Stealing Sales Tax, Operating Business After License Revoked   (pdf)
May 19   Replacing Resale Certificates with Resellers’ Permits to Curb Abuse, Generate More Than $100 Million Annually   (pdf)
May 19   New Law Clarifies Taxation of Digital Products   (pdf)
May 19   Hybrid Vehicle Sales Tax Exemption Ends Aug. 1   (pdf)
May 15   Tremaine Smith receives national medal for leadership in interstate tax cooperation   (pdf)
May 12   Taxable Retail Sales Decline 4.3 Percent in Calendar Year 2008   (pdf)
April 9  

Taxable Retail Sales Decline 10.8 Percent in Fourth Quarter 2008

April 7  

Unclaimed Property Tops $600 Million, 3 Million Names

April 6  

Washington State Department of Revenue Wins Two National Awards

March 20   Telephone Scammers Target State Businesses   (pdf)
March 13   Sound Transit 0.5% Sales Tax Increase Takes Effect April 1   (pdf)
March 10   Plumbing Contractor Charged with Felony Theft of Sales Tax, Operating a Business After License Revoked   (pdf)
March 5   Yacht Broker Sentenced to Four Years for Felony Theft of Sales Tax   (pdf)
February 26   Suspectfraud.wa.gov Helps Consumers “Check with the State before It’s Too Late”   (pdf)
January 21   Property Tax Relief Available To Snow, Flood Victims   (pdf)
January 13   Taxable Retail Sales Decline 4.2 Percent in Third Quarter 2008   (pdf)
January 6   Department of Revenue Earns 16th-Straight Clean Audit   (pdf)

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